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Company News About Acrylic mirror yellow how to do?
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Acrylic mirror yellow how to do?

Latest company news about Acrylic mirror yellow how to do?

Acrylic mirror used for a long time, it is easy to yellow, discoloration. Because acrylic is a kind of organic glass, ultraviolet light, oxygen, moisture and heat are easy to cause oxidation and discoloration of acrylic, this reaction is irreversible, so it is generally polished to solve the problem of yellow acrylic mirror.


Acrylic mirror with what polishing?


1, the polishing of acrylic mirror is mainly in its processing, the polishing method is mainly diamond polishing and flame polishing. The polishing paste is often used in the entire polishing process to promote the polishing effect of the acrylic mirror. There is a big difference between the polishing and grinding of acrylic is that polishing does not change the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, and the fine lines and spots on the surface of acrylic mirror products are removed, which promotes the surface finish of acrylic mirror products, and also reduces the fog until the mirror luster appears. Polishing paste is added between the polishing wheel and the finished surface.


2, polishing paste is one of the key process materials in the polishing process of acrylic mirror products, with the advantages of fast polishing speed, high finish and long service life, and can change the polishing quality and operating environment. For example, polishing acrylic with rare earth polishing paste, 1min time to complete the work, such as iron oxide polishing paste, it takes 30 to 60min. Rare earth polishing paste because of its unique chemical mechanical action principle brought about by the high polishing efficiency, become a good choice of acrylic mirror products polishing materials.


3. When manually polishing, a fine felt or absorbent cotton ball dipped in polishing paste should be attached to the polishing surface with a pressure of about 5 ~ 10N, and it should move in a near straight line along the processing length at a speed of 100 ~ 120r/min, usually 1 ~ 2mm per second. Be careful not to concentrate too much on a certain part of the polishing, so as to avoid the formation of local friction overheating and processing depression. In addition, pay attention to the polishing paste on the surface of the polishing area should not be too dry, and pay attention to adding lubrication.


However, the polishing technology of acrylic mirror may be a little complicated for ordinary people, and the maintenance of acrylic mirror is still based on daily maintenance.


How to maintain acrylic mirror?


1, waxing, if you want the acrylic mirror to be bright and bright, you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe evenly with a soft cloth to reach the intention.


2, adhesion, if the acrylic mirror is accidentally damaged, you can use methylene chloride adhesive or fast drying agent to follow.


3, clean, acrylic products, if there is no special treatment or increase of hard resistance, the product itself is easy to wear, scratch. Therefore, for the usual dust treatment, you can rinse with a chicken blanket or water, and then wipe with a soft cloth. If the external oil is disposed of, soft detergent can be added with water and wiped with soft cloth.