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Company News About Are rubber products insulated?
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Are rubber products insulated?

Latest company news about Are rubber products insulated?

Are rubber products insulated? Rubber is an insulator. Substances that are not good at conducting current are called insulators, and insulators are also called dielectrics. Insulators can be divided into gases (such as hydrogen, oxygen, xenon, and all non-ionizing gases), liquids (such as pure water, paints, organic acids, etc.), and solids (such as glass, ceramics, rubber, paper, quartz, etc.).


Are rubber products insulated? Most are insulating, but a small amount can be conductive; Rubber refers to a highly elastic polymer material with reversible deformation, which is elastic at room temperature, can produce a large change under the action of a small external force, and can be restored to the original state after removing the external force. Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer, its glass transition temperature is low, the molecular weight is often large, greater than hundreds of thousands. Rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber and other two kinds of rubber. Natural rubber is processed from gum extracted from rubber trees, rubber grass and other fine substances: synthetic rubber is obtained by polymerization of various monomers. Rubber products are widely used in all aspects of industry or life.


Some rubber products are insulated, the general cable rubber, the insulation board of the power distribution room are made of rubber, and some rubber products require a relatively high insulation coefficient, which mainly depends on the environment and application field you use.