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Company News About Auto silicone parts are used in the vehicle where.
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Auto silicone parts are used in the vehicle where.

Latest company news about Auto silicone parts are used in the vehicle where.

Silicone accessories are widely used in machinery manufacturing, especially automotive silicone accessories, which have many kinds and wide uses. Many cars have window buttons, mirror buttons, lumbar support buttons, navigators, and buttons for playing music and adjusting air conditioning. These are silicone buttons.

Silicone has a corresponding elasticity. You need to calculate the weight of the spring force. The elasticity of each car may vary, but the effect is the same. But in the car, it's kind of like you.

In addition to the keys in the car, the car accessories and sealing rings and silicone sealing products, common is our car after a period of driving or a few kilometers of maintenance, maintenance personnel is not the car up to turn on the fuel tank to put out the old oil? And it won't cause an oil spill? This is because of the silicone waterproof seal inside.

Of course, there are silicone seals/rings in other places, such as glass water tanks, pressurized water tanks, steering wheels, engines, etc. It's just that we rarely see it. Although they are located in different locations, they have the same function. They are used for oil -, water - and leakage-related seals.

Auto sealing rubber strip, good elasticity, anti compression deformation, anti aging and so on. The main role of the silicone tube is to transport oil and water. Silicone shock cushion, the role of these auto accessories is generally reflected in: sound insulation, noise reduction, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, etc.