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Company News About Can acrylic products replace glass?
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Can acrylic products replace glass?

Latest company news about Can acrylic products replace glass?

In our opinion, usually transparent products are generally made of glass, we never thought that one day glass will be eliminated by acrylic products, acrylic products may be based on the disadvantage of glass and constantly improve to replace the glass, then acrylic products jumped on what?


1, acrylic light transmittance is very good, light transmittance of more than 92%, and ordinary glass light transmittance of 85%, so dyed acrylic craft products, in the sunlight, crystal clear, very beautiful!


2, acrylic has a very excellent insulation effect, in many electronic products should be to, such as tablet computers, mobile phones, computers, audio, television and other products used in some very small component insulators, everyone if the electronic products in the maintenance, pay attention to, can see.


3, acrylic weather resistance is very strong, it will not be due to exposure and freezing and other reasons yellow and broken, so that you clean up is also very convenient.


4, acrylic is very environmentally friendly, can be used repeatedly. Everyone may usually encounter, glass cup ah, what broke, is to sweep a broom to the trash bin, some ordinary glass products, when moving, because of heavy, with and inconvenient, lost and pity, and take to sell waste can not sell a good price. But if there are acrylic products at home, don't be such a loser, this material waste recycling, but the price is very high! Everyone knows who the junk collectors are.


5, the shaping freedom of acrylic is very high, can be processed at will to become the type you want very much:

Because acrylic material is lighter than ordinary glass material, cutting processing technology is not complex, so acrylic products can basically meet the needs of all walks of life to customize products, such as cosmetics display shelves, photo frames, watch stands, or large to aircraft Windows, combat window covers, tank viewing Angle Windows, size, shape, height and thickness, Can be made according to customer needs


6, acrylic than ordinary glass resistance is more than 20 times higher, this is a foreign country has really done the test, when a certain thickness of acrylic material in front of the test protective body, the standard American M16 assault rifle, continuous shooting, in front of acrylic material always unable to break down, hit the target, so this is why in some foreign heads of special car, The reason why acrylic is widely used as bulletproof material.


7, the corrosion resistance of acrylic is very strong: this can be no exaggeration to tell you that you put strong sulfuric acid directly on the acrylic material, there is no problem.


Based on the above 7 advantages are enough to replace the glass, which is also the reason why acrylic products jumped on, of course, this is only a part of the advantage of acrylic products, otherwise acrylic products will not be applied to various fields.