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Company News About Can plexiglass be exposed to the sun?
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Can plexiglass be exposed to the sun?

Latest company news about Can plexiglass be exposed to the sun?

1, part of transparent plexiglass can be exposed to the sun, in the presence of anti-aging agents and the use of new material MMA monomer; Can be in the sun, but the thickness and occasion; Acrylic usually thickness of more than 12mm organic glass can completely replace glass, do not have to worry about deformation; Enough to cope with the high temperature of the road in summer, so most of the road sound barrier panels are now more use of plexiglass panels.

2, organic glass has excellent atmospheric aging resistance, the sample after 4 years of natural aging test, weight change, tensile strength, transmittance slightly decreased, color slightly yellow, silver grain resistance decreased significantly, impact strength is slightly improved, other physical properties almost unchanged.

3, plexiglass toughness is good, not easy to damage; Strong repair, as long as the soft foam dipped in toothpaste can wipe the sanitary ware new; Soft texture, winter no cold piercing feeling; Colorful, can meet different tastes of personality pursuit.