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Company News About Can tempered glass be cut? What are the steps of glass cutting?
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Can tempered glass be cut? What are the steps of glass cutting?

Latest company news about Can tempered glass be cut? What are the steps of glass cutting?

If you want to change the size of tempered glass because of the change of use, many people want to know how to cut. So, can the tempered glass be cut again? What is the cutting step of glass, and how to cut correctly can have good results.


Can tempered glass be cut?


1, once the tempered glass is completed, it can not be cut, drilled or formed. This is because tempered glass is specifically designed to distribute pressure and will crack and break if the tension inside the glass breaks. Therefore, any tempered glass unit must be cut to size and shape before the toughening process can take place.


2, if the float glass is broken, it will break very sharp, dangerous glass fragments. However, the process of toughening creates tension within and on the surface of the glass panel to increase its strength and durability. This also ensures that if the glass breaks, small, harmless pieces of glass will be broken.


What are the steps for cutting glass?


1. Prepare the workspace. You need a large flat table that is too hard to scratch this piece of glass. Work area should be easy to clean. Because of the possibility of glass fragments, it is best to avoid working on the carpet. To keep pets safe and children safe, make sure work areas and materials are kept away from them. Clean the surface of the glass you are going to cut. Any stains and irregularities on the glass will prevent you from making scratches on it. Use a rag or your fingers to clean the area you want to scratch.


2. Prepare a glass cutting knife and some low viscosity oil. The glass cutter is about the same size as a pencil and uses a diamond or hard grinding wheel to scratch the glass, so that the glass can be divided along the scratch. You can buy cutting oil at a hardware store or use some kerosene.


3. Measure and mark where you want to scratch. The scratch must go from one edge to the other. You can mark the glass with a marker (or ruler if you're cutting straight lines). You can also mark with paper and lay the paper under the glass. The cutting length should not be too long. Scratches larger than 60 cm increase the risk of glass shattering. Make sure the scratch line leaves an edge of about 15cm on either side to allow room to grip. If you are cutting small pieces of glass, you may need special tools, such as pliers or a small hammer, to knock off glass that you cannot grasp with your hands.


4. Mark the glass, dip the cutter into the oil, and hold it like a pencil. The oiled glass cutter makes smooth lines. Make sure to check that the grinding wheel is aligned to your desired position and orientation. Calibrate. You can use a yardstick or a regular yardstick. You want to make sure the ruler is thick enough to prevent it from colliding with the grinding wheel on the cutting knife.


The above for you to introduce is whether the tempered glass can be cut, presumably people should already know it, what is the cutting step of tempered glass, please professional personnel to cut it will be better, at the same time for the choice of tempered glass, we must pay attention to the brand, in order to better ensure the quality, for tempered glass also to do maintenance, Can extend the service life.