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Company News About Can TPE seals replace silicone seals?
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Can TPE seals replace silicone seals?

Latest company news about Can TPE seals replace silicone seals?

As we have known, silicone seal ring is widely used in daily life, mainly used for the waterproof sealing and preservation of crisper, rice cooker, water dispenser, lunch box, heat preservation box, heat preservation box, water cup, oven, magnetized cup, coffee pot and other products.

As the application of TPE continues to expand, some people wonder whether TPE sealing ring can replace the silicone sealing ring?

silicone seal ring

Let's first take a look at the advantages of silicone seals:

1. Tensile strength up to 1500PSI and tear resistance up to 88LBS.

2. Good elasticity and good compression ratio.

3. Good resistance to neutral solvents.

4. Silica gel has good heat resistance.

5. Excellent cold resistance.

6. Excellent resistance to ozone and oxide erosion.

7. Excellent electrical insulation performance.

8. Good heat insulation and heat dissipation, non-toxic and tasteless.


Disadvantages of silicone seal ring

It is not recommended for use in most thickened solvents, oils, concentrated acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.



TPE seal ring features

TPE sealing ring material products are divided into two kinds of oil resistant and non-oil resistant, oil resistant grade can be resistant to toluene, gasoline, oil, alcohol, etc., the product elasticity is good compression resistance, excellent deformation resistance performance, and PP adhesion.

TPE seal

1. Performance advantages: excellent elasticity, oil resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, flexure resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance.

2, processing advantages: available plastic processing methods: injection, extrusion, blow molding, processing simple, can be hot welding, small tolerance, high precision, rich color.

3. Industrial progress: Compared with rubber processing, mixing, refining and vulcanization processes are eliminated, and energy consumption, labor consumption and environmental damage are reduced.

4. At the same time, the waste can be recycled 100%, greatly reducing the processing cost of products, has become the replacement of traditional rubber, is the latest environmental protection materials.


TPE has so many advantages, so can you replace the silicone rubber sealing ring?It is necessary to refer to the industry and use environment. If it is common building, door seal or refrigerator, TPE material can be generally used.The cars still use more EPDM and TPV silicone rubber.If there is a requirement for high temperature resistance, it is more choice of silicone rubber.Silicone rubber is more commonly used, especially in food and medical applications.


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