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Company News About Causes the deformation of silica gel products?
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Causes the deformation of silica gel products?

Latest company news about Causes the deformation of silica gel products?

Causes the deformation of silica gel products? Found these three easy to cause the deformation of silica gel products.

1,Long-term immobility leads to permanent deformation. It is easy to deform products with hard material under high pressure when used for a long time.

2,the influence of tensile rate, the product of hard softness to decide, general silicone rubber of the highest winning percentage can reach 300% to 600% (more soft material), but in the use process of overstretch will directly lead to deformation and loss of permanent deformation of tensile strength, so you should don't overdo it stretched in the using process, regardless of industrial products, supplies or silicone accessories are the same.

3,the influence of temperature occasions, a humid place, when silicone rubber products work, in the humid high temperature situation in the process of use, tensile gradually deformation, but with the temperature adaptation and decline will also lead to silicone products appear slight deformation. So whether it is in the industrial application of accessories or sealing products, in addition to people think that try not to let silica gel products for a long time.