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Company News About Epdm rubber shortcomings.
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Epdm rubber shortcomings.

Latest company news about Epdm rubber shortcomings.

The shortcomings and shortcomings of EPDM rubber are as follows:


1. Adhesive side

Although ethylene propylene rubber has become the most widely used elastomer in the field of non-tire products, it still cannot play a role in the production of tire products. The reason is that as long as the self-viscosity and mutual viscosity of ethylene propylene rubber is poor, it is easy to cause tire delamination. This problem is also one of the biggest problems in the application of ethylene propylene rubber.


2. The price of raw rubber At the beginning of the birth of ethylene propylene rubber, rubber people have given high hopes, because of its low monomer makes some people predict that it will become the largest amount of rubber, the lowest cost rubber. But today, the price of ethylene propylene rubber raw rubber is still higher than originally expected, and belongs to the higher of its large synthetic rubber (although its price is lower than nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber, but higher than styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, isoamyl rubber and butyl rubber).


3. Curing rate

Binary ethylene-propylene rubber molecular chains are fully saturated and do not contain highly active double bonds, so so far it is still unable to be cross-linked by sulfur vulcanization, and can only be vulcanized by peroxides with slower vulcanization, thus limiting the application of this valuable elastomer.


4. Other aspects

The flame retardant, oil resistance and air tightness of ethylene propylene rubber are also poor. Therefore, ethylene propylene rubber can not be used alone in mineral oil, hydrocarbon solvent products; When used for flame retardant products, it is also necessary to add more flame retardant fillers than other elastomers, so the cost is higher and the flame retardant effect is poor; When combined with butyl rubber and used as an inner tube, the air tightness of the butyl rubber inner tube will be partially reduced, so the use is limited.