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Company News About How much do you know about color mixing and matching of silica gel products?
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How much do you know about color mixing and matching of silica gel products?

Latest company news about How much do you know about color mixing and matching of silica gel products?

In the silica gel product factory, color mixing is a basic work that cannot be separated from, and it is also a very technical work. We have met many people who would confuse color mixing with color matching. Color mixing means to adjust the source color to the color that the customer wants or is close to. And color matching needs to be combined or matched according to the actual situation of the product into a very good-looking product, through the use of different color master or multiple color master collocation, matching into the required color we will usually record for next use.

In silicone products factory, the color is relatively simple, just need to adjust the effect of customer needs, but also need to know about color knowledge, technical barriers to samsung around, and the color need to start from scratch to formulate formula and adjust the color, the color is on the basis of the original formula to add and subtract masterbatch and component, make its closest to the target color and summed up the record good formula.

Silicone products more and more with the use of color, collocation of color is also more and more, this requires the colorist and colourist undertakes collocation, but in general factory inside the colorist and colourist is a person to operate, in the big factories are generally of division of labor cooperation, so small factories including color and color matching are all have a lot of experienced technical personnel, And every factory must be a skilled hand.

Speed along with the development of the silicone industry, the original primary colors already cannot satisfy the needs of customers at the same time, also need a massive increase in the market product novelty, usually the colorist and color need to constantly deal with masterbatch, r&d and product types of different color is tie-in, can make more products by silicone material show in front of the user, Such as the previous printing done to silicone can not be done, can also be realized.