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Company News About How thin silicone products can be processed?
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How thin silicone products can be processed?

Latest company news about How thin silicone products can be processed?

Silicone products can be processed thin, silicone products are a very widely used products, only many fields of industry have applications, but also in life to give people a lot of tools. Silicone products look simple, but the production is also more complex, its process has many kinds, including many kinds of technology, today understand how thin silicone products can be processed.


The production of silicone products is a complex process, but also a deep technical content of the field, from different processes to points, can be divided into molded silicone products, extrusion silicone products and liquid silicone products. Three different processes, the products produced, the use of the environment and characteristics are also very different.


In fact, silicone products are also divided into many kinds, 99% of silicone pads are produced by molding process. However, the molding process also has limitations, and some too thin silicone pads can not be achieved directly on the mold, whether it is liquid vulcanization or solid vulcanization. This too thin silicone mat is generally difficult to produce, under normal circumstances, according to the standards of the mold industry, the thickness of the silicone products below 1.0mm are not very smooth production. Because the self-dismantling of the edge of the mold has reached 1.0mm, if the glue in the middle is thinner than the glue on the side, it is technically impossible to achieve. However, it does not rule out that some silicone products manufacturers do have their own unique production process, which can achieve a thickness of 0.5mm, and some can even achieve a thickness of 0.3mm, which sounds strange.


The production of silicone products, especially the production of some silicone pads, the thickness should not exceed 1.0mm, if you want to do 1.0mm below, then the quality and cost of the product will increase a lot, so it will also increase a lot of intangible costs.