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Company News About How to deal with acrylic panel punching?
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How to deal with acrylic panel punching?

Latest company news about How to deal with acrylic panel punching?

Acrylic panel punching is a very common process, but many customers reflect a little acrylic panel once punched, there is a sheet burst. So how does it happen and what to do about it? The following Xi 'an acrylic briefly summarizes several points for your reference:


1, the acrylic panel will burst after punching the screw, generally caused by improper operation, the thermal expansion coefficient of the acrylic panel is very large, generally nine times that of the metal, so when punching the acrylic panel, pay attention to be sure to leave a gap for the expansion of the acrylic panel, play a larger hole; There is also the case that when the screw is screwed too tight, it will burst; In addition, do not get too close to the edge when drilling a simple hole.


2, with ordinary twist drill, ground into a three-pointed shape, the middle of the tip is slightly higher, such a drill can drill a good plexiglass. Or use a hand drill, drill when the force should be uniform, the pores left under the glass plate should be small, in order to enhance the strength of the glass. You can also put some sand on the glass to increase the friction.


3, the hole can not be scrubbed with alcohol, otherwise it is easy to burst.

The selection of better quality acrylic plexiglass sheet is the basic guarantee to avoid the occurrence of burst