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Company News About How to deal with silicone products.
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How to deal with silicone products.

Latest company news about How to deal with silicone products.

First, silicone products excellent reasons

1. Raw material problems: the hardness, ductility, wear resistance and other properties of silicone raw materials will affect the hardness of the product.
2. Production process: Different production processes will lead to different hardness of silicone products, such as injection molding, die casting, extrusion, etc.
3. Fillers: Some silicone products will add fillers to increase the volume and reduce the cost, and excessive addition may lead to excellent products.

Second, the harm of silicone products

1. Inconvenience to use: hard silicone products are easy to cause hand injuries during operation, affecting the use experience.
2. Decreased comfort: When the silicone products are in contact with the human body, it is easy to produce discomfort, and even lead to skin wear.
3. Safety risks: Silicone products such as baby products and adult products are excellent, which may lead to safety risks such as swallowing by mistake and choking.

Third, excellent method of handling silicone products

1. Select high-quality silica gel raw materials: Select silica gel raw materials with good ductility and wear resistance to ensure the softness of products.
2. Optimize the production process: the use of appropriate production process, such as injection molding, die casting, extrusion, etc., to ensure that the hardness of the product is moderate.
3. Reasonable addition of filler: The appropriate amount of filler can improve the volume of silicone products, but the safety and environmental protection of the filler should be ensured.
4. Product evaluation: hardness test is carried out after the product is completed to ensure that the hardness of the product meets the requirements of use.

Fourth, silicone products maintenance and maintenance

1. Regular inspection: regularly check the use of silicone products, such as found excellent phenomenon, timely treatment.
2. Cleaning and maintenance: Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the silicone products and keep the products clean and hygienic.
3. Avoid long-term direct sunlight: long-term direct sunlight will lead to aging of silicone products and reduce service life.


In short, the excellent treatment method of silicone products is related to our quality of life and safety risks. By choosing high-quality raw materials, optimizing the production process, reasonably adding fillers and regular maintenance, we can make silicone products softer and more comfortable, bringing more convenience and happiness to our lives.