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Company News About How to maintain the tempered glass panel?
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How to maintain the tempered glass panel?

Latest company news about How to maintain the tempered glass panel?

In our daily life, a lot of supplies are using tempered glass, so in our use of time to pay attention to some maintenance methods, if you do not know how to pay attention to maintenance details then it will affect the service life of tempered glass, then we will understand how to maintain tempered glass panel?


1, to prevent gravity impact: usually do not force the impact of the tempered glass panel, to gently handle, avoid collision, do not rub on the above, otherwise there will be scratches on it.


2, stain cleaning: daily cleaning can be wet towel or newspaper wipe, avoid acid and alkaline detergent, to clean the surface and keep dry.


3, emission: the glass must be placed in a relatively fixed and safe place, do not swing back and forth at will, to prevent bumping and damage, the ground should be placed smoothly, to prevent the center of gravity from being unstable and therefore toppling over, in addition, to avoid moisture, away from the stove, and acid and alkali and other chemical reagents isolation, to prevent corrosion and deterioration.


4, washing: can use plastic wrap and spray with detergent wet cloth, so that the glass is often covered with oil to keep clean, first spray the glass with detergent, and then paste plastic wrap, so that its solidified oil stains soften, ten minutes later, tear the plastic wrap, and then wipe with a wet cloth.


The above content is about how to maintain the tempered glass panel related content, I hope to help you.