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Company News About How to make multi-color silicone buttons not cross color
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How to make multi-color silicone buttons not cross color

Latest company news about How to make multi-color silicone buttons not cross color

In addition to solid colors, silicone buttons can also be molded in multiple colors, but there are multiple colors on a piece of silicone button that can easily lead to cross-color phenomenon. This article introduces how to make multi-color silicone buttons not cross-color?


Common multi-color buttons basically produce cross-color situations, because the materials of multiple colors are formed at one time, and it is inevitable that they will be mixed together. But this kind of cross-color does not affect the use, because the cross-color of the buttons under the outer casing will be hidden and does not affect the appearance.


Some high-demand customers will propose a design that does not cross-color when customizing multi-color keys. They think that such keys are more beautiful and clean, and have a higher sense of quality. Silicone factories often customize in the following two ways:


1.After the silicone button is molded, it can be multi-colored by printing. The printing department sprays a variety of colors on the surface of the button to achieve the colorful effect of the surface layer.

2. Form the button pellets individually, and then put them into the mold through the template for secondary forming, so that the buttons will not produce any cross-color. This method is suitable for products with rich colors and exposed buttons, but the price will be slightly higher.