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Company News About How to prevent silicone rubber products edge damage phenomenon?
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How to prevent silicone rubber products edge damage phenomenon?

Latest company news about How to prevent silicone rubber products edge damage phenomenon?

There are consumers who buy silicone products and find that there is a phenomenon of breakage on the edge, which often troubles many friends and leads to a certain cognitive requirements for silicone products, less a certain purchase rate, and for silicone products edge damage phenomenon is not helpless.

Silicone products edge damage in the silicone products industry is called "edge explosion" the main reasons are caused by several phenomena, the product in the process of use due to the serious force and the impact of the mold caused dislocation phenomenon, so that the silicone products have minor damage resulting in subsequent gradually wear. Secondly, the product itself is damaged, in the production and processing of silicone manufacturers due to the temperature and material fixed-line problems caused by product damage phenomenon, in addition to the hardness and curvature of the product shape also has a certain impact, so the product damage problem can be controlled in various aspects of the cause!


1, hardness problem, low hardness silicone products bursting edge is more common, the main phenomenon of low hardness is the parameter deployment of silicone products manufacturers, such as the temperature of the machine and secondary exhaust problems, so set the parameters of the machine is very important, the temperature is reduced, the vulcanization time is reduced, the molding processing time of the product is just controlled in the stage of curing completion. If the time is too long, there will be material expansion of the raw material in the machine, resulting in the separation of the parting position leading to rupture.


2, raw materials are the key to silicone products, if the raw materials in the production process is not mixed in accordance with a certain time or the added part of the additives are insufficient, it may lead to various problems in the production process of the product, such as edge explosion, poor fluidity, product bulge and deformation.


3, the structure is more complex, the product explosion damage phenomenon is also relatively large, in addition to hardness, usually silica gel products explosion phenomenon in the case of low hardness with the product structure has a great relationship, such as the product is relatively thick, there is a certain arc and parting position at the high point of the product, so in the product design at the same time need to strictly control its parting position.


4, the mold is the key to the edge damage of silicone rubber products, in the mold development at the same time, how to butt inconsistent with the upper and lower parting point dislocation phenomenon, then production
The problem of product damage has not been solved, so the mold processing needs to be strictly controlled.


5. Other reasons
Some exceptional factors can also cause the product to explode, such as: The weight of the rubber material is not well controlled (too heavy will cause the product to explode, too light will cause the product to lack of material, lack of corners, so control in a reasonable weight will reduce the probability of explosion) Secondly, in the long-term production process without intermittent conditions should be reduced mold temperature, Keep the mold in a certain temperature range, etc. (Spray the mold with water to maintain the temperature of the mold properly without intermittently).