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Company News About How To Protect Good Silicone Products?
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How To Protect Good Silicone Products?

Latest company news about How To Protect Good Silicone Products?

Since the appearance of silicone products in our lives, deeply loved by the majority of friends, sales also rise day by day, with the change of the market, many of our friends are understanding of silicone products, basically in each region have to buy, especially our common silicone products mobile phone cases and watch bands, in the market is very popular, However, for the protection of silicone products we have little understanding, some of our friends in the purchase of a very good silicone products but do not know how to protect it, abnormal when we do not know how to clean and protect, and the killer of silicone products is very much, silicone although in the characteristics of the performance is very good, silicone products how to protect it.


Our silicone jewelry is now simple and exquisite, can be worn in all seasons, and is also very popular, but what problems should we pay attention to in maintenance? In hot weather, we are easy to sweat in exercise, and it is easy to cause the bracelet to be exposed to the sun and discolor, so you can take less in summer, but you can spray the feel oil to prevent stains and anti-static, you can use toothpaste to clean when sweating, the best maintenance way to wear silicone products in hot weather is to clean once a day, ventilation, and keep dry. In the temperature is very good weather, especially when the sun is too big, try not to be exposed for too long, so that if the silicone rubber products are not dry, or there is water, it is easy to change color, and exposure can make the silicone products expand and deform, if you feel that your silicone products are very old, then you can basically replace one, otherwise it is likely to lead to the skin feeling itchy, Because the good silicone products can not withstand the devastation of the family, generally a silicone bracelet can be worn for about two years, if it is very like you can take the spray feel oil, keep the color continue to wear, in humid climates, the hardening rate of silicone will accelerate, so try not to twist and pull with your hand in humid weather, otherwise it is easy to break, silica gel is easy to burn, Fear of fire, the softness of silicone products is very good, so do not use sharp things to rub and compare.


The above are several maintenance methods of silicone products, more questions about silicone products, you can contact us for consultation.