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Company News About Is the waterproof function of silicone seal related to the design structure of the product?
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Is the waterproof function of silicone seal related to the design structure of the product?

Latest company news about Is the waterproof function of silicone seal related to the design structure of the product?

Electronic door valve and other sealing materials without silica gel. In all walks of life, silicone sealing products have become one of the essential sealing products in the industry. So now many products have a certain threshold for their waterproof level. If they don't deliver, they won't be accepted by the market.

The awareness of waterproofing of machinery and automobile products is becoming more and more strong, and the further requirements of environmental protection are also put forward. So waterproof silicone ring is one of the most common seal silicone rubber products in modern product design. When it comes to waterproof, it is necessary to see the actual effect of silicone rubber ring. So what are the main reasons for the waterproof effect of silicone rubber ring?

At first, many friends think that silicone rubber products are soft, slow and elastic, and the waterproof effect mainly comes from the extrusion fit degree of silicone products to achieve the sealing effect. It's not entirely wrong here, but in addition to that, the structure will also create a finished product that is airtight and waterproof. For example, if the product size is too big or too small, the sealing effect is not tight enough to achieve the sealing effect. The deeper the water pressure, the smaller the sealing effect. So it can be seen that silicone sealing products should be combined with the actual situation to see whether the product structure can be integrated into the body!

According to the years of experience of silicone products processing manufacturers, if you want to make silicone rubber products sealed to achieve better waterproof effect, you may need to know these points!

1. Predict the size of the sealing ring according to the size of the parts to be sealed.

2. What is the maximum sealing effect, what is the minimum sealing degree, waterproof degree depends on the size of the product.

3. Choose different hardness and materials according to the actual size and what material is used to seal!

4. Whether the softness and size of silicone can fit into the sealing position, and how much size can be expanded to the maximum extent!

5. Different materials should be selected for sealing in different environments, such as long time water immersion and intermittent water immersion.