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Company News About Material and process of fire seal
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Material and process of fire seal

Latest company news about Material and process of fire seal

Fire seal material and process, first of all, the material, PVC fire seal, EPDM fire seal, graphite fire seal, modified PVC fire seal, silicone fire seal, and chloroprene rubber, polyurethane rubber, thermoplastic vulcanized rubber, butyl fine, rubber, plastic, plasticized PVC and so on; They all play the role of shock absorption, fire prevention, waterproof, sound insulation, dust, heat insulation, fixed sealing and so on.

But their physical performance is more or less different, such as fire time, fire rating, industry specifications, and so on, some fire seals need to choose the expansion rate of 3-5 times the product. There are production requirements in addition to physical properties, hardness, tensile strength, compression recovery rate, tensile strength change rate and other production standards.

As for the process of fire seal, if the EPD fire seal is used as a fire seal for construction, its process is generally mixed with ABS resin, supplemented by filler, improve the heat resistance of the material, at the same time, due to the addition of flame retardant additives such as zinc borate, it makes the thermal stability of the material and the residual carbon rate has been better improved.