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Company News About Rubber dust cover is important for cars?
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Rubber dust cover is important for cars?

Latest company news about Rubber dust cover is important for cars?

The common material of the car dust cover is silicone rubber, and the car rubber dust cover generally has the outer rubber dust cover (CVJ rubber dust cover) and the internal test rubber dust cover, the shape is basically into the corrugated pipe shape (as shown in the following figure), CVJ rubber dust cover is used to protect the car drive shaft rubber parts; It can be imagined that the rubber dust cover is very important to the car.


Is it really reliable to use TPE-E instead of rubber CVJ dust cover?

At present, the CVJ rubber dust cover is widely used because: it can adapt to harsh environments, such as: it can maintain the original compressive elasticity at extreme temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius; There will be no qualitative change in the extremely corrosive environment such as oil, sand, dirt, and exhaust, so as to achieve normal and safe driving under various turning and braking conditions of the car.


Although the TPE-E replacement of CVJ rubber dust cover reduces the cost to a certain extent (by reducing the size of the bellow, that is, reducing the use of materials to reduce the cost), it is also worth mentioning that the composition of the automobile drive shaft assembly is mainly steel parts and dust cover, in order to reduce the cost must take into account the cost of lubricating materials. However, the use of TPE-E will use the bellows to become larger, if the size of the bellows is reduced, coupled with the dust cover of TPE-E material has resistance to the grease, so that the grease is not easy to pass, resulting in the possibility of failure. Secondly, the corrosion resistance of CVJ rubber dust cover is beyond the reach of TPE-E. For rubber dust cover, it has poor blocking performance of grease, and the grease inside can quickly pass through the dust cover, and play a lubricating role on the surface.


To sum up,
The importance of rubber dust cover for the car is to choose the lubricant suitable for the rubber dust cover, so that the surface is lubricated, and choose the material suitable for the car dust cover, this problem still needs to be improved.