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Company News About Setting of vulcanization temperature
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Setting of vulcanization temperature

Latest company news about Setting of vulcanization temperature

The selection of vulcanization temperature generally considers the variety of raw rubber and the selection of vulcanization system:

The selection range of vulcanization temperature for ordinary sulfur vulcanization system is 130~158 ℃;
The selection range of vulcanization temperature for effective and semi effective vulcanization systems is 160~165 ℃;

The temperature of the resin or peroxide vulcanization system should be between 170 and 180 ℃.
Thick or threaded products should be vulcanized at low temperature for a long time, while thin products should be quickly vulcanized at high temperature.
The selection of low-temperature vulcanization for hard products slows down the rate of reaction heat generation, helps dissipate heat, and reduces the internal temperature of the product to meet the requirements of vulcanization and prevent cracking.