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Company News About Silica gel factory how to control the defective rate?
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Silica gel factory how to control the defective rate?

Latest company news about Silica gel factory how to control the defective rate?

For industrial manufacturing industry, every product has bad probability in the manufacturing process, silicone rubber molding process is no exception. In the process of production and processing, products are often due to the technology is not in place, equipment conditions do not match, affected by geographical environment and other different factors. However, there are too many bad factors in solid silica gel molding process. In order to control its quality, besides the technical level, other methods must be paid attention to.

Human, machine, material, environment and hair are the core characteristics of solid silicone rubber products industry. Every silicone rubber manufacturer will control defective products through these aspects, such as personnel operation, machine parameters, material quality, environmental impact, method use, etc. And each method will have some effect on different products.

Product inflation is the most common phenomenon. Encapsulation is also called internal encapsulation and external encapsulation. In the process of mold closing, the air in the mold cavity remains in the center of the product and is difficult to discharge. After molding, due to the low density of silica gel, it is difficult to overflow from the silica gel, resulting in bulging phenomenon. After forming the surface of small bubbles, resulting in local immature phenomenon. There are many reasons for this undesirable phenomenon, among which the exhaust and vulcanization time of the machine are the main factors. Generally, this adverse phenomenon may appear in any product, so the edge explosion mainly occurs in some products centered on the parting line, different hardness and structure may cause the edge explosion. The main factor causing this problem is that the feed groove in the mold is too small, resulting in the air in the mold cavity can not be discharged, and the air outlet can only be found from the parting position, resulting in the phenomenon of silica gel products bursting up and down. At present, it is easy to appear in a lot of heavy silica gel articles and products with low hardness. The control method is to start from the mold as much as possible.

It is the main factor of the appearance of silicone rubber products. Many consumers come because of its appearance, so the appearance quality and the effect of the mold surface must be exquisite. In the silicone industry, the main adverse phenomenon of surface appearance is that black spots are the majority of impurities. For products with obvious colors, it is easier to expose their appearance quality stars. Appearance has a certain impact on the environment, which is closely related to the cleanliness of workshops, machines and materials. So the star in all aspects of the environment, more can reflect its quality!

Finally, poor functionality. Many silicone seals and silicone decorative accessories require significant structure and hardness to support their function. For example, the hardness does not meet the requirements, the product function does not meet the requirements, the structure has problems, the sealing and assembly of the product is not in place, the appearance and function is poor. This factor requires silicone rubber product manufacturers to combine the actual function of the product in the early proofing proofing, hardness and structure evaluation is OK before opening the mold production.