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Company News About Silicone gasket stick 3M glue need to pay attention to what matters
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Silicone gasket stick 3M glue need to pay attention to what matters

Latest company news about Silicone gasket stick 3M glue need to pay attention to what matters

Many silicone gaskets are glued by pasting double-sided tape to prevent slipping after too long, so in normal use, in addition to human conditions, 3M gaskets will not easily fall off, because in the glue process and processing also need certain skills, and these experience skills will enhance the tightness of silicone gaskets. What are the specific gasket gluing methods?

The premise of making high-quality gaskets must be to do the corresponding preparation work, such as the main product of the silicone gasket are to achieve the glue effect, which naturally can not get a good effect, so the face of the silicone gasket is required to be clean without impurities, dry without oil and liquid, the surface of the gasket should be clean and smooth, and there should be no potholes.


Silicone gaskets usually have two forms of backgluing, manual and fixture, manual backgluing is mainly for proofing and small batch trial production processing, in the case of no fixture die memory manual cutting, such as a class with higher corner requirements is not recommended, fixture die for mass production and processing, The premise of this method is that the silicone gasket processing manufacturer needs to do a good job in advance of the mold opening mode has been self-dismantling, and the edge is removed by punching after pasting the back glue, which is of high precision and fast efficiency.

The pressure problem is secondary, the usual degumming phenomenon is likely to be caused by the size of the pressure, usually to achieve a good adhesive effect, the need to apply pressure to 3M glue and the bonding surface, so that the adhesive paper and the gasket have sufficient contact bonding, usually manual pressure is not as good as the scraper, and the scraper is not as good as the pulley, the pulley is different liquid machine, different silicone gasket requirements choose different pressure instruments.


Silicone gasket backing process is not complex, usually several reasons lead to the problem of backing glue, in addition to the silicone gasket manufacturers of raw materials and 3M rubber paper material accidents are basically controllable range, so choose a high-quality gasket supplier and material is important!