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Company News About Silicone mat how to choose, common two kinds of process do you know?
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Silicone mat how to choose, common two kinds of process do you know?

Latest company news about Silicone mat how to choose, common two kinds of process do you know?

Adhesive foot pad in a variety of products base as a foil buffer, it has been widely used in major industries, belongs to a kind of micro auxiliary accessories, low cost and simple function, but some products have it and it is too redundant, some items do not have it, so with its role and function, many items need to use it to set off the use, The difference is that it has a different process and a different structure.

The function of the rubber foot pad is based on the adhesion of the bottom as a whole plane, at present, our common rubber gaskets are made of a plane with non-slip sungrain texture, and its main process is made of flat gaskets as a whole calendering process or molded sheet molding.
This kind of silicone gasket has a wide range of applications, which are used in many seats, wardrobes and electronic and electrical products, so both sides belong to the plane structure under the premise of the plane effect, and can be applied to a variety of flat products for backgluing.

The other is the structural rubber pad, this kind of foot pad must use the oil pressure molding process for production and processing, to make the effect of convex and curved structures to fit, this way is mainly for the processing of special-shaped rubber parts, can be used for customized rubber parts processing in various fields.

Flat and shaped adhesive parts need to be fitted, the adhesive way is divided into single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive, followed by the adhesive paper is also very important, the current commonly used silicone adhesive paper is divided into TPE adhesive paper and double-sided adhesive paper.
Back adhesive paper is also divided into genuine and imitation products, high strength and conventional adhesive, different quality for different products, the current silicone pad is commonly used 3M back adhesive paper, so in different pad life above which to consider its adhesive paper and use strength.