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Company News About Silicone products how to remove odor?
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Silicone products how to remove odor?

Latest company news about Silicone products how to remove odor?

Silicone products how to remove odor, silicone products with its excellent high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, widely used in daily life and industrial production. However, some silicone products may produce unpleasant odors after they have just been produced or stored for a long time. The smell of silicone products will affect the user experience of consumers.


The odor of silicone products comes from a variety of sources, which may be caused by factors such as residues in the production process, the smell of the material itself, and the pollution of the storage environment. In order to remove these


1.we can start from the following aspects:

First, cleaning treatment
Cleaning is the first step to remove the odor of silicone products. The use of mild detergent and water, the thorough cleaning of silicone products, can remove surface dirt and residue, thereby reducing the source of odor. Be careful not to use too strong cleaning agents or chemical solvents during the cleaning process, so as not to cause damage to the silicone material.


2.ventilation and drying
The cleaned silicone products are placed in a well-ventilated place for drying, which can effectively remove the residual odor. The ultraviolet rays in the sun have a certain bactericidal effect and can help eliminate odors. At the same time, a well-ventilated environment also helps to discharge harmful gases outside and reduce the production of odors.


3. Use activated carbon
Activated carbon is a substance with strong adsorption capacity that can remove odors and harmful gases from the air. Placing silicone products in containers filled with activated carbon can speed up the removal of odors. It should be noted that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is limited, and it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the effect.


4. Use vinegar water
Vinegar water is a natural cleaning agent, and it also has a certain effect on removing the odor of silicone products. Soak the silicone product in diluted vinegar water for a period of time, and then take it out to dry. The acidity of vinegar water can neutralize the alkaline substances on the surface of silicone products, thereby reducing the production of odor.


5.the use of professional deodorant
For some stubborn odors, we can consider the use of professional deodorant. These deodorizers usually have a stronger odor removal ability, and can be targeted for the odor of silicone products. When selecting odor remover, we need to pay attention to the selection of good quality, safe and reliable products, and operate in accordance with the use methods on the instructions.