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Company News About Silicone products punching processing should pay attention to what?
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Silicone products punching processing should pay attention to what?

Latest company news about Silicone products punching processing should pay attention to what?

Silicone products punching processing should pay attention to what, silicone products are a very common product type, there is a large part of the world people will use silicone products. Silicone products are produced by professional silicone products manufacturers, and silicone products manufacturers will turn raw materials into silicone products through a series of processes. In the production of silicone products, there is a processing is punching.


Metal die processing is currently a more common process, is widely used in a number of industries, for the current electronic chip integrated materials and precision metal sheet it is indispensable, and in addition to these, for the rubber and plastic industry die-cutting process can also be widely used, In the production process, there are great advantages in terms of product quality and efficiency.

At present, many silicone rubber plugs and silicone foot pads and ultra-thin sheet products will choose the punching process, its main advantage is to take a certain degree of precision and processing efficiency, mainly used in solid die molding process, usually the use of punching process products need to pay attention to efficiency, and efficiency is continuous punching through the stamping press. The main processing method of the product is to cut the silicone plug from the raw edge of the main body through a sharp blade.

In the early stage, it is necessary to pay attention to the processing method of the mold. Generally, the self-cutting edge of the silicone product mold is increased, but the punching position is reserved. If the mold is not processed in accordance with the punching method in the early stage, then the orderly slicing effect will not be achieved.

Silicone products die cutting processing precautions:
1. Put the whole piece of the silicone product into the punching mold. The upper and lower dies of the mold are divided into automatic and manual punching. Usually, the higher precision and the higher pressure punching machine will have better product quality.
2, in the punching process according to the structure of the product to determine its quality, if it is only a flat gasket class, then the punching accuracy is basically not affected, but if there is a circular arc or reverse occlusion part, then the placement is not standard is easy to cause punching offset phenomenon.
3, the quality of the punching die is very important, usually the punching die mainly relies on the sharp edge of the surface, if the knife edge is damaged by the collision, then the product cut out will naturally be affected, and the material is different will also have an impact on the life of the punching die, usually can use copper die, aluminum die and steel die, if the number of processing is large, it is recommended to use large punching machine processing is better.
4, the position of the die machine is very important, usually need to carry out a long time correction adjustment during the sample, if only a single punching is relatively thin silicone rubber products, then the impact will not be very large, if you need two punching more than two times, then you need to pay attention to the pressure of the mold and the precision of the fixture fixed.