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Company News About Silicone products screen printing can appear problems?
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Silicone products screen printing can appear problems?

Latest company news about Silicone products screen printing can appear problems?

For the screen printing process, it has many excellent characteristics, good fluidity, strong paste viscosity, high and low temperature stability, good weather resistance to aging performance, the product pattern has more three-dimensional sense and feel, screen printing pattern also has excellent peeling strength, wear resistance, brightness; It is also waterproof, non-slip, breathable, high and low temperature resistance and outstanding leveling property. What details do we need to pay attention to in the silk-screen printing process in the production process of silicone products manufacturers?

Screen printing process for the pattern requirements are relatively high, so in some silicone buttons and silicone protective sleeves and other processes will appear, the product ink is more important to the screen printing process, good quality ink will improve the quality of the pattern, and some products in long-term use for a long time, there are mainly several reasons leading to product fading phenomenon:

1. The baking temperature of silicone products after screen printing is too low and the time is short, resulting in poor wear resistance of silicone products characters printed out of screen printing, and the characters begin to become blurred after several times of use;

2, screen printing ink quality is too poor, affect the surface of silicone products;

3, the surface of silicone products is too dirty, hinder the adsorption of screen printing ink and silicone, resulting in a wipe off the character.