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Company News About The application range of foamed silicone.
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The application range of foamed silicone.

Latest company news about The application range of foamed silicone.

Foamed silicone has a wide range of applications, which can be used to manufacture many common parts, of which foamed silicone miscellaneous parts are used in the automotive industry, such as the sealing gasket of the automotive sealing box; Secondly, printers and fax machines have now developed to use foamed silicone rollers to reduce weight, shock absorption and other functions; Food-free materials (including seals in dishwashers and ovens and food containers for transporting food).


In addition, foamed silicone can especially be used for dense sealing rubber due to the high density component force and bonding force, so that the total material cost can be reduced by reducing the density. Foamed silicone products that need heat insulation and have irregular contact surfaces with foamed silicone seals are: insulators, foamed silicone gaskets, foamed film, foamed liners, foamed rollers and foamed extrusion products, etc.