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Company News About The reason why rubber products are white.
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The reason why rubber products are white.

Latest company news about The reason why rubber products are white.

Oil injection is softener, viscosifier, lubricant, plasticizer and other liquid compound separated in the rubber surface, and form a layer of oil. In practice, the way the rubber is sprayed is sometimes presented in one way, and sometimes in two or three ways together.

(1) Improper formula planning:

Full ejection: commonly seen in sulfur, accelerator, active agent, antioxidant relocation ejection: commonly seen in processing AIDS, relocation antioxidant. Antistatic agent generation ejection: often seen in sulfur vulcanization system accelerator and reaction product reaction stay: often seen in organic peroxide vulcanization system low molecular material excessive stress ejection: often seen in inorganic filler: such as calcium carbonate.

(2) Improper technical operation

(3) The quality of raw materials is shaken because of different raw materials of origin, different manufacturing methods, different technologies, different batches of raw materials are very different

(4) poor storage conditions temperature: the solubility of the compound in rubber is usually followed by the rise and fall of temperature

(5) The aging of rubber mostly causes damage to the balanced network structure of vulcanized rubber intact, and then also damages the rubber system of various complexes and raw rubber molecules and the chemical or physical relationship between the complex, reducing the solubility of the complex in the rubber system. As a result, those parts in the full condition of the compound will be separated from the rubber free, forming the spray cream.