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Company News About The smell of silicone products will not be harmful to the body?
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The smell of silicone products will not be harmful to the body?

Latest company news about The smell of silicone products will not be harmful to the body?

With the development of The Times, there are many kinds of silicone products, but many people will worry that the smell of silicone products will not be harmful to the human body?


Silica gel products are not harmful to the human body, the stability of silica gel is particularly good, especially high temperature and low temperature resistance, can be heated at high temperature with microwave oven without deformation or release of toxic substances, can also be placed in the cold room refrigeration!


Silicone because the texture is close to human skin, and non-toxic and odorless, so the children's pacifier is also made of silicone, and good silicone has automatic disinfection function, does not stain, easy to clean, and now many fashionable families are using silicone kitchen utensils, because it can cook with a microwave oven, more worry saving time, more importantly, it will not produce soot.


The basis of scientific experiments is true, the raw materials of silicone are generally silicone resin, silicone oil, white carbon black. In the refining of solid glue, it is also necessary to add solid coagulants and reinforcing agents to mix into semi-transparent solid raw materials, at this time, it is possible to produce some odor. Then add color glue and vulcanizing agent to mix into a producible silica gel, and finally form at a high temperature of 200 degrees. After many times of mixing and fusion, some odor is inevitable.


However, the odor problems can be filtered through the silicone products manufacturers using secondary vulcanization, the odor and the residue of added ingredients in the products are removed to maintain the environmental protection and non-toxic products, so the silicone products you buy are likely to be without secondary vulcanization to taste, and then lead to odor in a long time sealed environment. The smell is there but keep it ventilated and it will usually disappear after a few days.


So now tell you, for the smell of silicone products can be assured to use, after experiments show that the smell of silicone is not harmful to the human body, because it always retains the performance of the reason, does not conflict with any substances in addition to strong alkali acid, if you accidentally swallow it into the mouth it can also remain intact and without any reaction.


In summary, silicone products are not harmful to the human body, we can rest assured to buy.