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Company News About What are the methods of removing static electricity of silicone products?
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What are the methods of removing static electricity of silicone products?

Latest company news about What are the methods of removing static electricity of silicone products?

1.Start from the source, that is, silicone raw materials, add antistatic agent in raw materials, can effectively control the generation of static electricity, in the production, can be installed in the silicone raw material jet molding machine feed electrostatic elimination device, air humidifier in the workshop, also can prevent silicone products from generating static electricity!When static electricity is generated, static electricity can be eliminated on silicone products, such as electrostatic eliminator, ionic wind elimination rod and other tools, these equipment can produce a large number of positive and negative ions, to eliminate static electricity effect! At the same time, we can also carry out static prevention on silicone products, but also can prevent static electricity on the premise of not damaging silicone products!

2.Ionic wind bar and electrostatic eliminator can effectively eliminate the static electricity generated by silica gel sheet during high-speed drawing, prevent the sheet from absorbing dust in the air due to static electricity or sticking between sheets due to static electricity, and effectively improve the product grade and quality of plastic sheet after production and processing. The annular electrostatic elimination device installed in the silicone injection molding machine silicone feed port, can eliminate the high voltage static electricity generated in the feed flow process, prevent the electrostatic cause of the feed mass blocked and affect the production. Antistatic agents can also be used to spray antistatic paint on the surface of the product without damaging the product performance and transparency. Anti-static liquid can be added in the compound, so that the inside and outside of the daub two layers, liquid and alcohol similar!

3.Spray oil. Spraying oil on the surface of silicone products can not only eliminate electrostatic trouble, but also increase the smoothness and color of the surface of the product. However, this method has limitations. Maternal and child products and medical products should not be sprayed with oil because of the impact on the health of infants.