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Company News About What are the reasons for the degree of tear of silicone flakes?
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What are the reasons for the degree of tear of silicone flakes?

Latest company news about What are the reasons for the degree of tear of silicone flakes?

It is said that the silicone material has a big disadvantage is that the toughness is not good, and it is careful to encounter sharp sharps, and with the industry application of all walks of life, the demand for silicone gaskets, silicone flakes and other thin materials is gradually increasing, so the relatively thin product tear resistance has become the trouble of many friends. The silicone gasket purchased is easy to tear and easy to be not durable enough, etc., so combined with various reasons, it can still be identified as caused by several factors!


Tear is the core performance of silicone products, so the tear resistance from the addition of raw material silicone resin in the baking curing process has a great reason! For example, room temperature curing for 24 hours, 130 degrees baking curing difference is relatively large, so the most fundamental reason is the baking time problem, time and temperature do not conflict, but to achieve the same condition of the effect of common, so high temperature baking curing and room temperature curing for a long time will have a great difference, so the raw materials occupy most of the factors!

Secondly, silicone products manufacturers in the production vulcanization process, the reason for the tear strength or the production process, the general normal temperature, the normal time can avoid the phenomenon of easy tearing, and in the abnormal processing production time and temperature may cause the phenomenon of poor tearing degree! For example, the staff want to increase the output, the temperature of the machine to reduce the time of vulcanization this method is not feasible for thinner, smaller products, first of all, easy to cause the product is too brittle, poor tear resistance, followed by the mold too early prone to the phenomenon of immature products, so the feasible method is normal processing when adjusted, don't have a lucky mind, easy to bad things!