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Company News About What is conductive silicone?
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What is conductive silicone?

Latest company news about What is conductive silicone?

Conductive silicone is a kind of silicone products, because of the conductive properties of silicone products, so it is often used in some electronic silicone products switch on, it must be subjected to a certain compression force can conduct, conductive silicone can conduct is not because the silicone has conductivity, Generally conductive silicone is through the external material embedded in conductive silica gel and has the role of conductivity, commonly used is metal shrapnel, conductive black particle, conductive material coating.


Conductive silicone has a very wide application. It is now mainly used in some electronic equipment, household equipment and office equipment, such as conductive silica gel buttons, wire connection tubes, photocopier rollers, cable plugs, connector gaskets, all kinds of electrical switches and so on.


Conductive silicone it with ordinary silica gel key-press, silicone products on the production process is generally the same, all is the need to prepare material, molding, printing, spraying, such as technology, and operation method, craft skills, is the same as the silicone button products well above is just a process with more conductive silicone, is to join a conductive material, And these conductive materials in molding or edge removal may appear some situation, because conductive silicone in the production process above or more complex than ordinary silicone products!