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Company News About What is the effect of aging of silicone products?
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What is the effect of aging of silicone products?

Latest company news about What is the effect of aging of silicone products?

Silicone products aging affected by what, silicone products are a common class of products in life, has a very rich variety, can give people help in many areas. Silicone products are the same as some other products, there will be the concept of service life, silicone products will age after a long time of use, and silicone products aging is also affected by some factors.


If the silicone jewelry in the normal use process, the impact of the environment is on the one hand, silicone products are usually subject to oxidation, thermal light, strength, liquid these aspects will have a certain impact on the aging life, after studying the surface of these aspects of the aging of silicone products as follows:


Oxidation: In ozone silicone products with time changes, resulting in the destruction of the material performance is larger, silicone molecular chain compounds are different, resulting in changes in the performance of silicone products, there will be low efficiency to change the material properties of silicone jewelry, you will find that your silicone strap may slowly appear deformation, slow rebound phenomenon!


Photoheat: The influence of photoheat mainly comes from the appearance, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light and light source may lead to the expansion of silicon atoms, the phenomenon of surface discoloration, but there is no change in the short-term exposure to light and heat.


Strength: The impact of the force is more serious, the product long-term tensile extrusion, over time, the silicon molecular chain in the material is damaged and cannot be restored, and there is no resilience after long-term stretching, tensile force decline or even tensile break.


Liquid oil: silica gel is a highly adsorbent material insoluble in water and any liquid, but long-term contact with water will lead to water molecules infiltrating into the silica gel and destroy the basic performance of the material, resulting in a decline in the performance of rubber products and even discoloration, deformation.