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Company News About What is the hardness standard of silicone products?
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What is the hardness standard of silicone products?

Latest company news about What is the hardness standard of silicone products?

Silicone products are widely used in many fields because of their excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and good elastoplasticity. As an important physical property index of silica gel products, hardness has a significant impact on its application effect and service life.


First, the development of hardness standards of silicone products


The development of hardness standards for silicone products is mainly based on the relevant standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM) and other authoritative bodies. These standards specify the test method, grade division and qualification range of silicone products hardness, and provide clear guidance for producers.


Second, the grade division of the hardness standard of silicone products


The Hardness standard of silica gel products is usually measured by Shore Hardness, which is divided into three grades: Shaw A, Shaw C and Shaw D. Shaw A is mainly used to test softer silicone products, Shaw C is suitable for medium hardness silicone products, and Shaw D is suitable for harder silicone products. Within each grade, it is divided into several different numerical ranges according to the size of the hardness value to represent different hardness levels.


Third, silicone products hardness standard application guide


Silicone products with different hardness have different application scenarios. Low hardness silicone products are suitable for occasions requiring high elasticity and softness, such as seals, non-slip pads, etc. High hardness silicone products are suitable for occasions that require greater pressure and wear resistance, such as guide rails and support parts.


When choosing silicone products, the appropriate hardness level should be selected according to the specific use requirements and scenarios. For example, for silicone products that need to withstand long-term pressure, materials with higher hardness should be selected to ensure their wear resistance and stability; For silicone products that need to be in contact with the skin, materials with lower hardness should be selected to ensure its comfort and softness.


It should be noted that the hardness of silicone products is not the harder the better or the softer the better, but to make a reasonable choice according to actual needs. Hard silicone products may lead to increased brittleness, fragile, and too soft silicone products may affect its load-bearing capacity and service life.


In addition, for the same silicone product, its hardness may be affected by factors such as temperature, time and environment. Therefore, in the application process should pay attention to the change in the hardness of silicone products, and make corresponding adjustments and maintenance.