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Company News About What is the screen printing process of acrylic panel?
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What is the screen printing process of acrylic panel?

Latest company news about What is the screen printing process of acrylic panel?

Acrylic screen printing is the most common in the acrylic glass industry, and many cosmetic display stands, glasses display stands, and other display stands will be printed with their company's LOGO. In order to achieve the effect of promoting their own brand in the display of products. Acrylic is widely used in architecture, advertising, transportation, medicine, industry, lighting and other fields have a place, acrylic panel screen printing is also applied. So, how is the glass deep processing factory to carry out acrylic screen printing? Let's take a look at the acrylic panel screen printing process.


Cutting: Use the cutting machine to cut the acrylic sheet, which needs to be clear about the size of the acrylic products in order to accurately open the material, so as to avoid the waste of materials.


Engraving: After the opening of the material is completed, the acrylic sheet is initially carved according to the shape requirements of the acrylic products, and the graphics of different shapes are carved.


Trimming: After cutting or carving treatment, the edge of the acrylic sheet is rough, so the acrylic trimming treatment should be used to trim the edge machine.


Punching: This process according to the needs of acrylic products, some acrylic products have small round holes, this step will use the punching process.


Polishing: After cutting, engraving, punching the edge are relatively rough, easy to scratch the hand, so the polishing process is used, polishing is also divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire throwing, need to choose different polishing methods according to the product. The specific distinction method to see the polishing process of acrylic products.


Tearing paper: Tearing paper process is the step of processing before screen printing and hot bending process, because the acrylic plate will have a layer of protective paper after the factory, and the sticker pasted on the acrylic plate must be torn off before screen printing and hot bending.


Screen printing: This step is generally the customer needs to display their brand LOGO or promotional language will choose screen printing, screen printing is divided into monochrome screen printing and four-color (CNYK) screen printing two kinds of screen printing. You can specifically understand the acrylic products screen printing process.


Hot bending: Acrylic can be changed into different shapes through hot bending, and it is also divided into local hot bending and overall hot bending. Specifically, you can view the hot bending process of acrylic products.


Bonding and packaging: These two steps are the last two steps in the acrylic product process, which complete the assembly of the entire acrylic product part and the packaging before the factory.