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Company News About What's the difference between silicone and plastic?
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What's the difference between silicone and plastic?

Latest company news about What's the difference between silicone and plastic?

Silica gel according to its properties and components can be divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel two categories.

Inorganic silica gel is a kind of highly active adsorption material, organic silica gel is a kind of organic silicon compound, is the most used category, accounting for about 90% of the total dosage.

Silica gel is also a kind of rubber and plastic material, because the material is superior in the production process when relatively simple, the cost is lower than plastic in the process, the outstanding advantage is that it is non-toxic and environmental protection products, there is no conflict on the body, the disadvantage is that the air permeability is not good, will produce electrostatic adsorption force is too strong.

2, belong to our common PU plastic material, PC material, such as when the manufacturer production using extrusion process, molding, blow molding process, the main advantages are wear-resisting, oil resistant, transparency, good elasticity, excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, also has the advantages of self-extinguishing, flame retardant, can be colored. Plastic parts design must make injection mold processing simple, low cost, at the same time parts injection molding time is short, high efficiency, parts defects less, high quality, this is the design of injection molding processing. Different from silicone rubber products is the problem of coloring, in the deployment of solvents at the same time part of polyvinyl chloride is not equal to the compound in the case of the release of harmful substances to secrete interfering chemicals, endangering the safety problem.

Silica gel and plastic: one is thermosetting polymers, one is a thermoplastic polymer silica heating can't again and again with molding, was not in the solvent to dissolve plastic flow deformation can occur during heating, cooling after can keep certain properties of shape, easy for extrusion and injection or blow molding, forming, in a certain temperature range, can be repeated heating and cooling hardening.

1. Food grade silicone is tasteless, most of the plastic has smell;

2. Compared with plastic, silica gel has more stable chemical properties;

3. Silica gel can be degraded, plastic can't;

4. Silica gel aging resistance, long service life, relatively much worse plastic;

5. Silicone performs better than plastic in terms of anti-skid, fading and tear resistance;

6. Temperature resistance: silicone high and low temperature resistance (-40℃-230℃), plastic (100-150℃);

7 silica gel in the combustion performance: non-flammable; Plastics, on the other hand, are flammable and produce harmful substances.

The difference between silicone and plastic:

1, non-toxic and tasteless: no silica gel, most of the plastic;

2, physiological inertia, chemical stability: silica gel is high, plastic is general;

3, environmental protection and degradation: silica gel can, plastic can't;

4, aging resistance, service life: silica gel can, plastic can't;

5, soft/flexible: silica gel is better, plastic is bad;

6, anti-slip, shockproof, elasticity, insulation, tear resistance, anti fading: silica gel is better, plastic is bad;

7, temperature resistance: silicone high and low temperature resistance (-40℃-230℃), plastic (100-150℃)

8, combustion performance: silica gel is not flammable, will not produce harmful substances, plastic flammable, produce harmful substances;