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Company News About Where the foam strip silicone tube can be used?
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Where the foam strip silicone tube can be used?

Latest company news about Where the foam strip silicone tube can be used?

Silicone rubber foam strip weather resistant
Silicone products have strong weather resistance on the foam strip. Under natural conditions, between minus 50 degrees and 250 degrees above zero, everything can be fully played normally, both sound insulation and noise reduction, and heat resistance. Silicone foam strips, the surface will be strong, anti-aging, greatly extend the service life.

Foam strips are non-toxic and environmentally friendly
As a green raw material, no matter which kind of natural environment is used, it is not easy to release toxic substances and harmful substances, and there is no harm to the natural environment and the human body. Even if it is used in the sun, it can reasonably resist ultraviolet rays and is not afraid of sun exposure.

Silicone rubber foam strip for compression resistance
Some people believe that the silicone foam strip does not have strong compression properties, and you should be extra careful when using it. In fact, its bearing capacity is far more than everyone imagined, and it will not be deformed under strong working pressure. In addition, the punching die can be set reasonably, and after grinding and polishing, the practical effect is stronger.
Enable customers to choose a well-known brand dealer with comprehensive strength, deal with the large molecular weight of Kirsk foam, in-depth research, to provide application solutions, the main uses are wide, can be used in new energy technology, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronic equipment, automobiles, instruments, switching power supply, high-speed rail trains and other industries.


Silica gel is a new type of polymer material, with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-toxic and other advantages. That means it's very stable.

All in all, silicone tube is a very good material, I believe that now we have a more comprehensive understanding of silicone tube, so if there is a need, may wish to buy and use silicone tube, I believe there will be many places can use silicone tube.