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Company News About Why can silicone products moldy?
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Why can silicone products moldy?

Latest company news about Why can silicone products moldy?

Before silicone kitchenware mildew phenomenon, we should first find the problem of mold to prevent it. In addition to the influence of climate, the main cause of mold also includes some additives in silicone raw materials, such as silicone oil, color powder, curing agent, etc., which are the main nutritional components of these molds. Mold growth causes the plant protein carbohydrates in the silicone rubber to be eroded. In addition, due to the electrostatic action of silicone rubber's inert rubber, impurities in the air are adsorbed on the surface of the product, which can also lead to mold growth.

General silicone products manufacturers should consider these factors, so the mildew phenomenon in silicone kitchenware, in addition to raw material factors, mainly depends on their own control, silicone kitchenware can be kept in a ventilated place to keep clean after cleaning, silicone products after cleaning, according to the difference in temperature and humidity, choose to dry 1-2 hours, in order to facilitate the gap dry, will not cause mildew. After mold, you can wipe with alcohol. If it is difficult to solve several methods, can be treated with mildew. Anti-mold agent should have high thermal stability. Good weather resistance low volatility and good material compatibility characteristics. Also, you should choose a safer variety for the human body.