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Company News About Why is heat-resistant rubber more and more widely used.
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Why is heat-resistant rubber more and more widely used.

Latest company news about Why is heat-resistant rubber more and more widely used.

Over the past few decades, the range of heat-resistant rubber products has been expanding, because:


First, some traditional products did not require heat resistance in the past, and with the change of use conditions, heat resistance requirements have been put forward. A classic example is tires. Due to the acceleration of the vehicle speed, the rolling heat generation rises sharply, and improving the heat resistance is the threshold that must be crossed. Other rubber products have a similar situation.


Second, the contact between rubber products and various thermal media (such as various lubricating oil, brake oil, working media and hydraulic oil) increases, and the temperature is also much higher than normal temperature.


Third, in order to comply with the heat resistance needs of the rubber industry itself in processing, such as tire vulcanization of water tires, capsules need to be used at a temperature of 170°C ~ 180°C for a long time, continuous vulcanization of extruded products must be carried out at a high temperature of more than 200°C, they must have heat resistance and anti-retrograde characteristics.


The formulation design of heat-resistant rubber involves the correct selection of the main material, vulcanization system, protection system and anti-retrograde agent, as well as the coordination between them.