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Company News About Why is the silicone sealing ring easy to deform?
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Why is the silicone sealing ring easy to deform?

Latest company news about Why is the silicone sealing ring easy to deform?

Silicone O-ring is widely used in mechanical equipment, food sealing and other environments because of its low price, simple manufacturing and simple installation requirements. There are some inappropriate reasons in the sealing process, which will cause the silicone sealing ring deformation and poor elasticity.

Silica gel sealing ring plays the role of anti-ash, waterproof and other sealing - physical in the electronics industry, is the most widely used in all kinds of household appliances. The integration of products with silicone sealing rings also needs the assistance of glue, so that soft rubber products can be more integrated with household appliances. With the development and growth of soft rubber products, silicone sealing waterproof ring from rubber to the present stage almost occupies all the industries of household appliances sealing, many waterproof, oil-proof household appliances almost use silicone sealing products made of silicone materials, such as automatic washing machines, rice cookers, electric water heaters and so on. And the use of silicone sealing ring can not be ignored. If the working pressure of the equipment is increasing, the silicone sealing ring will lose its sealing performance under long-term high pressure.

High temperature will accelerate the aging of rubber materials. The higher the operating temperature, the greater the compression deformation of the silicone seal ring. When the deformation of the product exceeds 40%, the sealing ring loses its sealing performance and leakage occurs.

The process formula used to make the silicone sealing ring produces compression stress relaxation in the compression state, and the compression stress will decrease with the increase of time. The longer the use time, the greater the compression ratio and tensile strength, the greater the stress drop generated by rubber stress relaxation, so that the silica gel sealing ring is not elastic enough, thus losing the sealing performance.