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Company News About Acrylic panel cleaning and maintenance methods
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Acrylic panel cleaning and maintenance methods

Latest company news about Acrylic panel cleaning and maintenance methods

Cleaning acrylic panels requires choosing the right cleaner: wiping acrylic panels with the wrong cleaner can cause irreparable damage. The cleaner should be selected according to the nature of the acrylic panel. Toothpaste and alcohol are both relatively suitable cleaning products. There are also some all-purpose cleaners on the market. For safety reasons, it is best to test acrylic panels locally before cleaning to ensure there are no adverse reactions, and then to clean large areas. Selection of tools for cleaning acrylic panel: choose velvet or cotton cloth to wipe the panel, do not wipe the panel with coarse cloth. If you need to work at high altitude, you need to be equipped with ladders, high-pressure sprinkler heads, watering can and other props.

In the maintenance process, it is necessary to check whether the acrylic panel is aging, if the acrylic panel is faded or severely weathered because of long-term use, then cleaning is not meaningful, then advertising manufacturers should be informed to re-customize advertising signs. Scraping treatment: if the acrylic panel is severely scraped, it must be handled with professional polishing equipment before cleaning, or repaired with methylene chloride adhesive. Otherwise, the more clean the acrylic panel is cleaned, the clearer the scratch will be.

Acrylic panels have excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor use, and rank among other plastics. Acrylic panel has good surface hardness and gloss, and has a high processing plasticity. It can be made into various desired shapes and products. There are many kinds of colorful dishes (including translucent colored dishes). Another feature is that the thick plate can still maintain high transparency, acrylic panel has excellent processing properties. Thermoforming is easy to process, and the cost is reasonable when making signboards and signs with outstanding visual effects. Exquisite workmanship, full font mirror effect, no wrinkles, no seams on the base, all riveted firmware is not exposed.