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Company News About Conductive silicone rubber
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Conductive silicone rubber

Latest company news about Conductive silicone rubber

Many people have learned about silica gel material, which is a kind of environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and safe material. It is widely used in electronic communication, food appliances, medical devices, smart home and other fields.So how does conductive rubber form?


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Conductive silicone rubber is based on silicone rubber, adding conductive filler, crosslinking agent and other combination of vulcanization, the common rubber is methylvinyl silicone rubber, the common conductive filler is acetylene carbon black, carbon fiber, superconducting electric carbon black, graphite, copper powder, silver powder, aluminum powder and zinc powder, etc.



Conductive silicone rubber application in the real life is more common, such as TV remote control, air conditioning remote controls, game controllers, and so on, a button on the controller is implemented by conductive silicone, when we press the button, conductive silicone bonding pad on the PCB in contact and connection conduction, realize the corresponding function keys.


Conductive silica gel is installed directly above the bonding pad, which is exposed and not connected to each other. When the silicone button is pressed, the bonding pad is connected through conductive silica gel. The following figure is one of the common bonding pad structures.

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Conductive silicone rubber has the advantage of small volume resistivity, low hardness, resistance to high and low temperature (70-200 ℃), ageing resistance, processing and manufacturing process performance is good, especially suitable for manufacturing complex shape, conductive requirement, the structure of tiny conductive silicone rubber products, it not only has ordinary silicon rubber high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance, easy processing, conductive stability and thermal stability is also very good.


Because conductive silicone rubber has the advantages of small size, stable and reliable contact, good shockproof performance, convenient replacement, etc., used for printing circuit, radio integrated circuit, display, etc., the connection can save a lot of welding labor, simplify the assembly, reduce the volume, reduce the cost, improve the reliability.