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Company News About Do food grade silicone products smell?
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Do food grade silicone products smell?

Latest company news about Do food grade silicone products smell?

Does food grade silicone smell? No, food grade silica gel is airless and tasteless, even if it is heated and baked at 250 degrees, it is also odorless. It can still maintain its own superior performance after long-term use at 200 degrees. Generally, the food-grade silica gel supplied by regular manufacturers has FDA food certification, and customers can request this certificate from the manufacturer.

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Food-grade silicone is a liquid silicone material mainly used for the production of food product silicone molds, such as cake molds, ice sculpture molds, ice cream molds, chocolate molds, candy molds, etc. After the silicone mold is made, the food ingredients are directly injected into the mold to form food, so this also means that the requirements for food-grade silicone are very strict, and all indicators must be implemented in accordance with FDA requirements, including odorless. Very important item.
In the mold making operation process, it can have two molding methods to choose from, one is heating and curing molding, the other is curing molding at room temperature, and there are two operating methods, one is potting and the other is brushing. I will not elaborate on the method of the model, how to operate it, and what should be paid attention to. Customers in need can contact us.
So, at this point, we can know that food-grade silica gel is a very environmentally friendly silica gel material, which is airless, odorless, temperature-resistant and durable. From the perspective of environmental protection of silica gel, the application of silica gel in the future market will become more and more extensive.