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Company News About Four advantages of choosing silicone rubber cushion
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Four advantages of choosing silicone rubber cushion

Latest company news about Four advantages of choosing silicone rubber cushion

Silicone cushion in the shipbuilding industry, silicone cushion reputation is a recognized fact; In the telecommunications industry, the silicone cushion with excellent quality and service has also won the favor by virtue of its good physiological stability. So what are the advantages of such a popular silicone cushion?

Advantage 1, silicone cushion high temperature resistance

Many industrial machines will be equipped with shock-absorbing cushions when installed, but because the machine will continue to heat up, the service life of ordinary cushions is very short. The silicone cushion has good physiological stability and shows excellent high temperature resistance, so the silicone cushion that will not be melted by high temperature is widely used in civil industry.

Advantage 2, silicone cushion solvent resistance is good

The expansion of the application range of silicone cushion is inseparable from its excellent solvent resistance. In many factories, hydrogen chloride solvent, aliphatic solvent, silicone ester hydraulic oil and lubricating oil can be said to be everywhere, and the silicone cushion with good solvent resistance can better adapt to different environments, and can also increase the service life of the silicone cushion.

Advantage 3, silicone cushion electrical performance is good

Ordinary cushion will become a super conductive body after moisture, which has an incalculable devastating impact on electrical equipment. In contrast, the silicone cushion has excellent electrical properties, and will heat up in a short time when the humid air comes, maintaining good electrical properties, thus protecting the machine.

Advantage 4, silicone cushion tear resistance

Some buffer pads with small tear resistance coefficient are easy to crack after bending and can not be used. The silicone cushion has excellent elasticity and excellent tear resistance, and can withstand long-term tearing under normal circumstances, without damage.