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Company News About How does rubber products moistureproof mildew
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How does rubber products moistureproof mildew

Latest company news about How does rubber products moistureproof mildew

1. Raw material management

The storage place of rubber raw materials must be kept dry, clean, no debris, no oil; Store in a cool and ventilated place during high temperature in summer.

Before all rubber materials are stored, the appearance, hardness and humidity of rubber raw materials must be checked, and recorded and archived. After confirmation, production can be carried out. Natural and synthetic rubber has a very low moisture content, such as moisture content. 1% (typical value is 0.20%~0.40%MC, some moisture content is even lower), if the moisture is too high will have a significant impact on the production and molding process.

Rubber raw materials should be stored 20~25cm above the ground and 30cm above the wall.

2. Warehouse management

The finished product warehouse shall be protected against moisture, mildew, lightning and pollution. When storing rubber products, they should be classified and positioned, 20~25cm from the ground, 30cm from the wall, and there are obvious classification signs.

The temperature and humidity in the warehouse must meet the storage requirements. If possible, it is better to have a dehumidifier.

Transparent silicone tube

Store according to the product instructions of rubber parts. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, moisture and contact with solvent oil, lubricating oil and other solid materials. The storage temperature is generally between 0 and 25℃.

Proper ventilation. When the outdoor temperature or humidity is higher than the indoor, it is not appropriate to open Windows for ventilation.

In and out according to the principle of first in, first out.

3. Transportation management

When loading container vehicles, use an appropriate amount of dry desiccant on the hooks inside the container vehicles to ensure that the tires are not affected by moisture and mildew during transportation.