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Company News About How does silicone product remove odor
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How does silicone product remove odor

Latest company news about How does silicone product remove odor

People who know something about silicone products know that good silica gel raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless, but in the process of production will go through the addition of master ingredients and fluidizing agent and oil press high temperature molding process, in this production process will produce a little smell, this is a normal phenomenon, rather than silicone product quality problems. In fact, the solution to this problem is very simple, as long as put in a ventilated place for 2-3 days, the smell will disappear. If it still smells, we can use methods to remove the smell.

Milk to taste method: first use detergent to clean the silicone products, and then pour the appropriate amount of milk into the silicone products, with milk cleaning again, and then clean with water.

Orange peel flavor removal method: wash the silicone products, and then put the prepared fresh orange peel on the top, put 3 ~ 4 hours after rinse.

Remove flavor with waste tea: scrub with waste tea first, and then rinse with clean water, odor is removed.

Salt water deodorization method: Soak silicone products in salt water for about 30 minutes, and then clean them with water.

Toothpaste brush method: You can use toothpaste brush once, can remove dirt and odor.

Soaking lemon method: Squeeze some lemon juice, hot water, more than a few times, slightly acidic can soften the tea dirt, can also deodorize.

If these methods can not be solved, must be the manufacturer used unqualified silicone raw materials or curing agent, such silicone products must not continue to be used, will harm the health of the body. So when we buy silicone products, we must choose regular and powerful silicone products manufacturers, so that you will have more protection.