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Company News About How to control the hardness of silicone rubber products?
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How to control the hardness of silicone rubber products?

Latest company news about How to control the hardness of silicone rubber products?

How to control the hardness of silicone rubber products? Friends who often contact silicone products will notice that some silicone products are very soft, some silicon products are very hard; This is often referred to as the hardness of silicon products.What is the hardness of all kinds of silicone products? What's the difference in hardness of silica gel? What is the hardness standard of silica gel?

The tester can directly use Shaw HA hardness tester to measure the soft or elastic products.

TPU, TPR plastic film bags and other products. And feel basically no elastic or hard can be tested with Shaw HD hardness tester, such as: PC, ABS, PP and other products.

xxHA indicates a low hardness, if the content of Shaw xxHD indicates a high hardness.

If the use of different fields choose different hardness of silica gel products, usually low hardness can reach about 10 degrees, or even 3-5 degrees below, usually used silica gel products usually hardness in the range of 30 degrees to 70 degrees. It is also the reference hardness of many products, but the hardness of special preparation material silica gel products can reach 80-95 degrees.

The other is the ordinary silica gel processing technology, that is, the processing technology of solid silica gel products. Now the whole silica gel industry can carry out the processing technology of solid silica gel products.

The lower softness is 10 degrees, the higher hardness is 90 degrees, can be higher, but the unqualified rate is too high, the product is too brittle, the cost is high, and it is difficult to demoulding. As a result, solid processes are best suited between 30 and 70 degrees of hardness.

The change of silica gel resistance to tear, the higher the hardness of the product to tear resistance is weaker. In particular, products with right angles are prone to tear and fracture. The lower the hardness, the better the tear effect is, and the different tear effects are different according to the hardness. Of course, this also depends on the rubber content of the product, but different rubber content, silica gel scalability and related performance are also very different.

The deformation and expansion force under the action of a certain expansion force is an important control index of silica gel material, which is just related to the hardness. The temperature and pressure in the process of hardness, vulcanization have a great influence on the tensile deformation of silica gel material.

The change of wear resistance and fatigue. Products with different hardness have different effects on wear resistance and fatigue. The hardness of ordinary silica gel material increases with the increase of silica black content, and the phenomenon of fatigue reduction and insufficient wear resistance will also occur after long-term run-in.

Because of the difference in elasticity, elasticity is one of the important properties of silica gel materials, different hardness of materials will affect all different application products, but the hardness change is too big, may lead to the overall use of silica gel products, affect all links of the product! Therefore, many customers in the purchase of silicone rubber products can not accurately describe the use of hardness, nor specific material requirements for hardness. However, the custom hardness of silicone rubber products directly affects the use effect of the whole product. Or do not understand the hardness of silica gel material friends can first understand the hardness of silica gel material and then decide the hardness.