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Company News About How to identify inferior silicone tube?
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How to identify inferior silicone tube?

Latest company news about How to identify inferior silicone tube?

How to identify inferior silicone tube?


With the development of the silicone industry, many industries now need to use silicone tubes, in order to prevent the purchase of inferior silicone products, the following is a brief introduction to how to identify inferior silicone tubes?


1, how to judge the poor quality silicone tube:

(1) Test the elasticity of silica gel, silica gel is more fragile, can try the elasticity, assuming that the elasticity is good, it may be rubber; Assuming it's not very elastic, it could be silicone.

(2) Look at the color of the product, silicone is colorless and transparent, to make transparent silicone rubber products must be made of silicone as a material.

(3) Smell, rubber and latex products have a strong taste, the smell is very pungent, some manufacturers increase the smell to cover up the taste, therefore, the choice of silicone materials will be better.