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Company News About How to identify the quality of acrylic plate?
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How to identify the quality of acrylic plate?

Latest company news about How to identify the quality of acrylic plate?

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and industry, the acrylic mirror industry is more and more mature, and the application range is also very wide. But now the quality of acrylic materials on the market is uneven, good quality acrylic, and poor quality acrylic, there is still a big difference in the use of.


1. Visual observation method


This is based on the material characteristics of acrylic itself to judge, acrylic light transmittance can reach more than 92%, pay attention to the following points when buying:


1) Whether the acrylic sheet has serious fading


2) How is the gloss of acrylic sheet


3) How light transmittance of acrylic sheet


If there are the above three problems, it means that the quality of acrylic sheet is relatively inferior.


Second, the transmittance observation method


The light transmittance of acrylic can reach more than 92%, and the light color after passing through the acrylic sheet is the same as the original light color.


Use a flashlight with positive white light to illuminate the acrylic (because positive white light is better to distinguish), if the color of the light through the blue or yellow words, it indicates that the quality of the acrylic plate is relatively inferior.


Third, hot melt paste method


The adhesive degree of good quality acrylic plate and poor quality acrylic plate is not the same, the good quality acrylic plate is easily separated after hot melt, and the poor quality acrylic plate is not easy to separate after hot melt.


4. Ignition method


One of the characteristics of acrylic: flame retardant. Before purchasing, you can ask the manufacturer for a few more samples and test with small samples.


Ignite the sample, if the sample is easy to burn up, it means that the quality of the acrylic plate is not good. Because good quality acrylic is not easy to light.


5. Touch the Law


The more direct way, just touch it, see how it feels.


If you feel the feeling of lime, feel the dust, look closely and there are some small pits, then this must be a poor quality acrylic plate


High quality acrylic sheet, feel creamy, and the surface is smooth and flat.